OWNER:                                Acheson Colloids

Contact:                                 Mike Card


ENGINEER:                          Mc Clurg & Associates

Contact:                                 Robert Cooper



R A Card Construction


PILING CONTRACTOR:    Faust Corporation

Contact:                                  Marc Faust

                                                (586) 445-2030




Project Duration:                1 Month


SCOPE OF WORK:             Supply Sheet Pile

                                                 Install Sheet Piles

Acheson Colloids Shoring Project
Port Huron, Mi


To facilitate construction of a new building sheet piling was installed along both side of the building site to help shore the soils and help support the foundations of adjacent buildings during sub level excavation.  Due to the tight work spaces the sheeting had to be installed in stages along both sides of the excavation area because there was not enough room to operate the crane. 




Initially the sheet was to be installed using a vibratory hammer. Due to the outside wall condition of an adjacent building there was a concern that the constant vibration could cause a collapse of the wall. To lessen the amount of vibration an Hydraulic Impact Hammer was used to install the piles.  The use of the impact hammer lowered both the intensity and duration of potentially damaging vibrations.  With the impact hammer the job was completed without incident.

Acheson Colloids Sheet Pile Shoring