DURATION: 6 Months


Prepare Dredge Material Offloading Area
Install Sheet Pile Deflection Wall
Install Silt Curtain Turbidity Control System
Install Turbidity Monitoring System
Removal of Oversized Debris
Removal of 30,000 Yards Contaminated Sediments
Shoreline Excavation for Slope Stability
Install and Operate Turbidity Monitoring Stations
BASF Riverview Sediment Remediation


Faust Corporation was contracted to remove approximately 30,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediments from the Trenton Channel of the Detroit River at Riverview, Michigan.  The project included removal of oversized construction debris that had been deposited along the shoreline.  Turbidity containment was required to prevent the downstream movement of re-suspended sediments from the dredging operation.  Due to the flow velocities a sheet pile flow deflection wall was installed at the upper end of the project site to protect the silt curtain containment system. Monitoring of turbidity levels outside the dredge area was conducted to ensure that re-suspended material was not being transported downstream.



Oversized Debris: The water front had been previously expanded by disposal of construction debris along the shoreline. In part of the dredging area the debris was large and posed a problem for the operator trying to grab the large pieces. To solve the problem a Side Scan Sonar unit was installed on the barge and the data from the unit was sent directly to the operator’s view screen in Clam Vision. The operator could then see the location and orientation of large debris allowing the operator to precisely grab the object with as little disturbance of the surrounding material as possible.


Turbidity Monitoring: Turbidity Monitoring outside the dredge area was required to ensure that re-suspended sediments from dredging were not being transported downstream.  To ensure that dredging operations were not exceeding the required action levels, real time turbidity monitoring was performed and the data were transmitted to the dredge and field office to alert the dredge operator and field supervision of any possible measurements that exceed the action levels set for the project.  Turbidity reading outside the dredge area did not exceed the turbidity action levels set for the project.

OWNER:                             BASF 
Contact:                             Mike DeLacy
DREDGING CONTRACTOR:   Faust Corporation
Contact: Marc Faust


Riverview Sediment Remediation Project