Birmingham Slope Stabilization

Birmingham, Michigan

OWNER:                            City

 of Birmingham, MI


ENGINEER:                      HRC Engineers


DREDGING:                     Faust Corporation

Contact:                             Marc Faust

                                            (586) 445-2030






Contract Duration:             2 Months      



Scope of Work:                   Install Sheet Piles

                                                Build & Install Gabions

                                                Install Guardrails

                                                Install Fencing

                                                Restore Landscaping



The City of Birmingham, Michigan contracted Faust Corporation to install a sheet pile retention wall at three locations along the Rouge River within the city. At these locations the river bank was eroding away and causing concern for the stability of the adjacent city streets. Continued erosion would cause the city streets to be undercut causing them to collapse. To prevent collapse of the streets the city designed a sheet pile retention wall to help stabilize the bank safeguarding the road beds.



One location was a residential area and there was a concern by the homeowners that the vibrations from the pile driving would cause damage to the basement walls and foundations. To ensure that vibrations from our operations was not damaging the nearby homes vibrations monitors were set up near the homes and monitored continuously by a third party consultant.  At no time during installation of the retaining wall did vibrations from pile driving exceed levels sufficient to cause damage to any of the nearby homes.

Birmingham Slope Stabilization