OWNER:                                           City of Wyandotte MI


ENGINEER                                    City of Wyandotte MI

Contact:                                           Mark Kowalewski

CONTRACTOR:                              Faust Corporation 

Contact:                                           Marc Faust 





Contract Duration:                         3 Months      



SCOPE of WORK:              Remove Test PilesConduct

                                                DRemove Old Wood Decks

                                                Remove Concrete Wall

                                                Install New Sheet Pile

                                                Remove / Replace Sidewalk 






Contracted to remove and replace old seawall. This included the removal of old test piles, existing wood decks and an old concrete wall and installation of new sheet pile wall with waler and tiebacks.  Additionally, removed old guardrails from the existing structures, stored the railing onsite and re-installed on the new structures.


Removal of old concrete wall was problematic.  We needed to clear a minimum of 24 inches for the installation of the new sheet pile wall. The existing concrete wall ranged in thickness from 24’ to 52”.  To solve the problem an excavator, equipped with a breaker, was used to break away the wall in areas where the thickness was greater than 24 inches.


Bishop Park Seawall Installation