OWNER:                 City of Grosse Point Farms



ENGINEER:           Hubbell Roth & Clark Inc.

Contact:                 Larry Ancypa

PRIME CONTRACTOR:    Faust Corporation

Contact:                                Marc Faust

                                                 (586) 445-2030




Contract Duration:             11 Months      


Scope of Work: Remove existing docks and piles



The project consisted of demolition work to remove the existing docks, piling and a sunken barge in the South Harbor, relocation and extension of the South wall in the South Harbor, relocation and extension of the East wall of the Large Harbor, installation of new docks, finger piers, electrical system for the marina, and potable water system for the marina.  The south Harbor was dredged after the demolition of the docks and relocation of the walls



There were many unforeseen issues that needed to be resolved once Faust Corporation began the project.  We provided value engineering that allowed the City of Grosse Pointe Farms to upgrade the project without increasing costs.  The project was completed in the timeframe that allowed for  the harbor to open on schedule. We received letters of recommendation because of our “team effort” approach.

 Grosse Point Farms Pier Park Marina Renovation