If your company or community needs the services of a Marine Contractor allow Faust Corporation to assist with the design of your project to ensure successful completion in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

                                Faust Corporation offers the following types of Marine Construction Services:

                                    Dock Installation & Repair.                                   Seawall Construction

                                    Retention Wall Construction                                 Marina Construction

                                    Shoring                                                                   Shoreline Stabilization

                                    Pile Driving                                                             Specialty Projects

Faust Corporation is a full service Marine Construction Contractor. We are equipped to perform projects ranging from minor seawall repairs to major marina reconstruction. Whether the project is a small repair job or major reconstruction Faust Corporation has the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete the project safely and efficiently.  Our prior experience and knowledge allows Faust Corporation to work with our clients in the design phase to help eliminate unforeseen problems and ensure that the project can be completed as designed. This service offered by our company helps our clients to reduce costs and eliminate project over runs.