Faust Corporation is equipped to provide state of the art NAVIGATIONAL DREDGING services to our public and private sector clients. With our fleet of derrick barges, sediment transport scows, tugs, survey boats and equipment, and pump off barge we are able to provide reliable, cost effective dredging services. Faust Corporation is capable of conducting hydrographic surveys to more efficiently design the dredging needs of our clients. To ensure dredging accuracy all dredges are equipped with a Global Positioning System and dredging activities are tracked in real time using Clam Vision© dredging tracking software..



Current Projects:


FY09 Maintenance Dredging at Point Lookout Harbor, Au Gres River, Michigan


Client: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers – Detroit


Faust Corporation has been awarded the navigational dredging of the Au Gres River and Point Lookout Harbor as part of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Maintenance Dredging Program/ This project will be completed during the summer of 2010 and involves the removal, transportation and disposal of 15,000 +/- cubic yards of sediments and the removal of vegetation from the west and east breakwaters.


Completed Projects


The following is a list of projects recently completed by Faust Corporation. Project details can be viewed at the     following links.