OWNER:                   Michigan Department of Transportation




Contact:                                              Paul Acciavatti


PILING CONTRACTOR:                Faust Corporation

Contact:                                              Marc Faust

                                                            (586) 445-2030




CONTRACT DETAILS                                                                   


Contract Duration:             5 Months      



Scope of Work:                   Install Bearing H-Piles


Repair / replacement work on the Romeo Plank road required the installation of new bearing H piles as part of the support for the bridge.  The work was conducted in two phase. Traffic was diverted to one side of the existing bridge while the idle side was being replaced. Once one side of the bridge was complete traffic was routed to the newly completed portion and the remaining side was replaced.  



Placement of the foundation piles required diverting the flow of Clinton River.  To allow for the placement of the pile driving equipment on the river’s bottom it necessary to install cofferdams. Because of the extremely rainy weather the work site would flood requiring Faust Corporation to pump the water out of the work zone to enable us to reach the equipment and continue with the pile driving efforts.


Romeo Plank Road Bridge Foundation Piles