SeverStal NA   Dearborn, Michigan


OWNER:                                            SeverStal NA

SeverStal NA Naviational Dredging



 ENGINEER:                                     Faust Corporation

 Contact:                                             Marc Faust


Contact:                                             Faust Corporation






Contract Duration:                        2 Months      



Scope of Work:                   Conduct Pre Dredge Survey

                                                Determine Required Dredge Volume

                                                Transport Sediments to Rouge River CDF

                                                Conduct Post Dredge Survey

                                                Install Silt Curtains and Oil Booms



Faust Corporation was contracted by SeverStal NA to perform navigational dredging operations at the Rouge River Plant.  The SeverStal NA boat slip had silted in requiring freighters to “light load” in order to enter the slip increasing shipping costs.  Dredge operations removed sediment increasing the water depth to the same level as the approach up the Rouge River.  This enabled the freighters to increase load capacities thus reducing shipping costs.  In addition to dredging in the slip a dock face located in the Rouge River Turning basis was also dredged to allow freighters dock access for loading material to be transported away.




The docks were operational during dredging activities and Faust Corporation was required to work around the shipping schedule to prevent production delays.  Daily the silt curtains and oil booms had to be opened at the end of the shift to allow freighter traffic access to the dock.


 SeverStal NA Navigational Dredging