OWNER:                                           Reynolds Aluminum

St Lawrence River Sediment Remediation

Contact:                                           Alcoa - Massena NY


ENGINEER                                   Metcalf & Eddy    

Contact:                                           Bill Priore

DREDGING CONTRACTOR:      Faust Corporation 

Contact:                                           Marc Faust 





Contract Duration:                         8 Months      



SCOPE of WORK:              Install Sheet Pile to Enclose Dredge Area

                                                Install Silt Curtains to segregate “Hot” Areas

                                                Install Air Curtain Gates

                                                Construct Offloading Dock

                                                Dredge Contaminated Sedime 





A portion of the shoreline and river adjacent to Reynolds Aluminum (now Alcoa) was contaminated with high levels of PCBs and PAHs. Faust Corporation was contracted as the Prime Dredging Contractor as part of the sediment remediation project. To prevent possible downstream transportation of re-suspended sediment the entire dredge area was enclosed within a steel sheet pile wall.  The dredge area was divided into areas of high and low PCB concentrations. The high concentration areas were enclosed with silt curtains and air curtain gates were installed to allow for the movement of marine equipment.  Sediments were removed from the river using an environmental level cut clamshell bucket, placed into sediment scows and transported to the unloading dock. At this point the material was loaded into trucks and hauled to the dewatering/stabilization area before transport to the disposal facility



To minimize the amount of water reaching the dock a filter pen system was developed that allowed water to drain from the sediments within the sediment scow and drain through a filter system back into the dredge area. This significantly reduces the amount of Portland required to stabilize the material for shipment.

St Lawrence River Sediment Remediation