Coast Guard Station Port Huron MI

OWNER:       U.S. Coast Guard




ENGINEER                                    D. Garcia


DREDGING CONTRACTOR:      Faust Corporation 

Contact:                                           Marc Faust 





Contract Duration:             2 Days      



SCOPE of WORK:              Conduct Pre-Dredge Survey

                                                Dredge to Required Depth

                                                Transport Dredge Material Off Site

                                                Conduct Post Dredge Survey

                                                Remove Collapsed Sheet Pile Wall



Faust Corporation was contracted to perform sediment removal activities at the U. S. Coast Guard Station in Port Huron, Michigan.  As part of the contract Faust conducted Pre- and Post-Dredge Soundings to determine the volume of material removed, removed a sheet pile wall that had collapsed during a recent storm, dredged sediment to required depth of 6 feet below LWD and transported the dredged material off site


Faust Corporation has performed this navigation dredging project for two consecutive years. Approximately 1,000 Cubic Yards of granular material was removed from the harbor each year and transported for offsite disposal.

 U S Coast Guard Station - Port Huron Michgian