OWNER:                                           U. S. Steel



                                                            Nick Dernick

ENGINEER                                    Oversight -URS

Contact:                                           Robert Kolodzinski

DREDGING CONTRACTOR:      Faust Corporation 

Contact:                                           Marc Faust 





Contract Duration:             3 Months      



SCOPE of WORK:             

Conduct Hydrographic Survey within Sediment Basins

Collect Sediment Characterization Samples

Determine Volume of Sediment within Basin

Dredge Sediment from Basins

Transport Sediment to USACE Rouge River CDF Facility



The U. S. Steel Facility in Ecorse, Michigan has three decommissioned sediment retention basins that were constructed adjacent to the facility on the banks of the Detroit River. Material remaining in the basins was a thick oily sludge that had accumulated over several years of previous use. The oils from the sludge were found to be leaking from the basins and entering the Detroit River. U. S. Steel contracted with Faust Corporation to characterize the material for disposal, determine the volume of oily sediment within each basin and remove the material using mechanical dredging methods.


We were required to enclose each basin with a silt curtain with oil containment curtains and absorbent oil booms inside the curtains.  The sediment was removed using barge mounted crane equipped with a clamshell bucket.  The material was removed from the basins and loaded directly into sediment scows for transportation downriver to the disposal facility at the western end of Lake Erie.


To prevent potential contamination of the river with dredged sediments a drip pan system was developed to capture any sediment that spilled from the clam shell bucket as it was swung to the scow.  The system consisted of two large splash pans that would capture any spilled material and redirect it either back into the basin or into the sediment scows.


 U S Steel Retention Basin - Ecorse MIchigan