OWNER:                                           Occidental Chemical




ENGINEER                                    Earth Tech Inc

Contact:                                           Mike Chase

DREDGING CONTRACTOR:      Faust Corporation 

Contact:                                           Marc Faust 





Contract Duration:                         6 Months      







Removal of approximately 15,000 cubic yards of lake sediments contaminated with PCB’s, asbestos, lead and chromium. The project area was situated in a portion of White Lake with water depths ranging from 40 to 55 feet. Approximately one third of the PCB contaminated material had concentrations greater then 50 mg/kg and the asbestos was present in levels that required special attention.  The PCB material was layered or sandwich between other layers of non PCB material. The sediment was mechanically dredged and transported by barge to an unloading site.  The material was unloaded and placed directly into trucks for transportation to a blending / homogenizer process and then pumped into geotubes for dewatering and later disposal.


The project was completed in a safe manner with no incidents, on time and under budget




Faust Corporation provided an innovative design build proposal that allowed for precise (surgical) removal of the contaminated material while segregating the PCB material from the remainder of the sediments removed. In addition to segregating the PCB material from the non TSCA material the PCB contaminated material was effectively separated into material with concentrations greater the 50 mg/kg and material with concentrations less than 50 mg/kg.


 White Lake Sediment Remediation